Our environment, clean, one person at a time

California is a world leader in environmental solutions. We are on track to being an example to the world. An example of responsible stewards to the land.

California’s secret is counter intuitive to the old ways of handling our environment. We are deregulating certain industries because the regulation model was destroying our state. In energy, for instance, there were once only a handful of big players providing power. The companies monopolizing the energy market had conflicting objectives. Efforts to explore green technologies didn’t gain enough traction because the best solution to the conflicting objectives is usually a bad solution for the environment.

Now, there are companies in California providing real innovation for the production and storage of energy. Instead of a handful of monolithic companies, the responsibility of energy production belongs to many brilliant and innovative people. We are pursuing ways of placing power back into the hands of individuals.

Individuals demand clean technologies. Burning coal all day has becoming obsolete. Soon every household will be a producer and storer of energy.

Past regulations allowed politically connected monopolies to abridge innovation without fear of being held responsible for the damage. The regulation model was established to protect the monopolies from tort law and competition, as well as efforts to stop their polluting.

Today, we are advancing greatly in terms of innovation, but certain old frameworks remain which protect the worst polluters. For example, take the horrible gas plume that contaminated Porter Ranch. This was an event of epic proportions. The management of the situation by the companies involved was worse than negligent. Established regulations did nothing as the laws were broken for decades. Then, when disaster struck, regulations served only to protect the polluter and not the residents of Porter Ranch. Regulations created a culture that balked at, dodged, and downplayed the effects of the incident, leaving the organically reactive gas flowing for months and offering no remorse for the damage caused to the people and the environment.

Regulations actually became a sticky web of protection for the polluters. The polluters could slow down or even, in some instances, stop the residents of the area from demanding action. Regulations served to help polluters limit messaging and cloud facts regarding the level of danger. As a result, there was a significant slowdown in fixing the problem, allowing polluters time to explore the most cost-effective solutions while an entire valley was drowned in hydrocarbons.

If you are excited about the advancements California is finally making in responsible energy markets and are tired of polluters being able to disadvantage the people they are poisoning, then you have a choice. You may choose to go with the old, establishment parties, which will take us back to a monopolized market of dirty players - or, you can continue in our race towards responsible and plentiful energy in democratized markets where polluters are held immediately responsible for their damage and crimes, just as anyone else would be.

If you choose me to be your Lt. Governor, I will use my office to promote the expansion of energy innovation and the adoption of democratizing energy production and storage so that we have the strongest most adaptable clean energy system known to man. Additionally, I will work to make sure that our regulations do not protect polluters in the guise of and at the expense of protecting the people and the environment.