Every child in every neighborhoods deserves a quality education

We must reward those who choose the noble profession of teaching our youth.

Unfortunately, we have failed to meet these obligations. Our society strives to educate and empower every child towards a successful life. We have students who want to better themselves. We have teachers who want to make an impact. We provide large sums of money to our education system. Yet, we still have not achieved the results we desire and need. It is time to look at the system as the problem.

Society’s historic education solution has little to do with today’s education problem. Like us, our ancestors wanted the best for their children. During the industrial revolution, parents recognized the need for a new school system. Now, during the innovation revolution, we recognize the time for change has come again.

Our ancestor’s system discourages the very aspects of human productivity that modern society needs: communication and creativity. Today’s children are growing up in a world that demands collaboration, not quietude. Jobs revolve around creativity and people skills. Employers don’t need quiet workers determining the right answer on a multiple-choice test. The world has computers that can do that better and faster. Society needs a better education system and we need it fast.

Central planning has destroyed the education process. We have voluminous laws and regulations that attempt to provide fair and equal education. These laws and regulations are great for special interests but tragic for our kids. Central plans focus on the average majority at the expense of the minority. We need an individualistic approach for a society that no longer values cookie-cutter cogs for the industrial machine.

Each individual child and their needs must be the basis of the new ideal solution. Are they a verbal learner or a kinesthetic one? Do they respond better studying alone in quiet, in a small group, or in a large group? How important is music to the child’s family? What culture does the family practice at home? What culture would the family like their children exposed to all day long? What experiences might the child have at school that they would not get at home? Every parent wants answers to these questions before choosing a school. Our current system only allows wealthy parents any choices. We shove the remaining young people together in a box based on the arbitrary location of where they live.

If you envision a California with empowered teachers, with reasonable class sizes, and plenty of supplies, then you have a choice. Voting for the old establishment parties will continue to lead our children down the same road that we have journeyed for 100 years. Choose real change.

Choosing Tim Ferreira for Lt. Governor provides a clear message that you want change. I will use my office to examine and instill the best learning environments for our children. We can provide a variety of educational experiences for different kinds of kids. While ensuring all families have the same choices currently reserved for few families.