Creation of jobs, all over the State of California

California's economy is enormous. It is ranked 6th largest in the world when considered independent from other states. We are an economic superpower within an economic superpower country. The reason we excel is due to the innovation and entrepreneurship that has made California it's home. From the moment the railroads connected California to the rest of the country, California has been the place where dreamers and innovators flocked to pursue their ambitions. California has been the land of opportunity because we allowed opportunity.

Our greatest growth occurred at a time when political oppression of industries was rampant on the east coast. Filmmakers came to Hollywood to escape harsh economic constraints. Our rich Central Valley and moderate climate attracted some of the world's finest wine makers and agricultural innovators. Our cowboy west attitude encouraged the greatest, most creative minds to come work in our state, and we dominate the technology markets worldwide. Our economic engine is why some of the smartest and most successful renewable energy innovations are from California companies. However, certain toxic east coast political habits, which resulted in our state being a haven for so many, have found their way into our state. Foisted upon us from Washington and injected into our laws from interests that would see us fail, such habits freeze innovation and strangle our economy.

We must comprehensively roll back our use of regulatory frameworks as they are failing to protect the people of California. The approach of limiting markets to solve the social and environmental problems we have has exacerbated those very problems. The political will for stopping the poisoning of the environment and for correcting social economic inequalities is in our roots, and older generations used regulation as a corrective measure. California is waking up, though, and we are young & fresh enough to start rejecting the failed institutional solutions of past generations. We are deregulating in just the right ways to break up stagnant monopolies that prevented environmental innovation and which have prevented wealth from circulating freely among the people.

If you can imagine a California where the economy is a fountain of wealth for all, where people who improve the world are encouraged by society and rewarded for their good works over their political connections, then you have a choice. You may choose to vote with the old, establishment parties, which will try to take us back to the days of monopolies, dirty air, and wage slavery - or, you can choose to vote for a free and responsibly operating economy.

If you choose me to be your Lt. Governor, I will use my office to encourage the promotion of small businesses & entrepreneurship and allow us to continue to lead the world in technological, environmental, and energy innovation.